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Artist Edward Drapkin

Artist Edward Drapkin

Edward graduated from the Leningrad Theater, Music and Cinematography Institute earning a Master of Fine Arts degree. He worked professionally for sixteen years in the Leningrad Bolshoi Puppet Theater as an actor, assistant-director, artistic director and sculptor. During these years he simultaneously worked for television and film studios. Some of his works were awarded National and International honors. Since 1979, Edward lives and works in California.

Edward is working with different media: bronze, marble, stainless steel, clay, wood, oil, etc. His bronze sculpture has been selected for display at one of the Carmel-sculpture-in the-park Festival.

Edward’s work can be found in many private collections in the USA and abroad. He had an art gallery in Carmel, California. Edward also continues creating puppets with a very keen eye to the human condition.

Edward is also known in the Bay Area as an actor, artistic director, stage artist, and theater producer.